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How can Facetime help your shoot



I was just making my niece's graduation invite and with my sister being in Cincinnati, it is hard to make sure everything she wants is done the way she wants. So I decided to facetime her. Wow this made moving and changing things so much easier. I just have the phone pointed at the screen and she edits away. I think this is something I will have to do more often with my clients that like collages and books. Did you know that I offer those? Well now you do. You can get any session turned into a high grade photo book or make collages that are framed or printed and delivered straight to your door. 


Ask me about the photo book, collage and using facetime to create a new piece of art for your house. 


This client now lives in Cleveland, Ohio so getting together after a shoot is impossible. So she will share her favorite folder with me and I will create collages for her. We will then set a time to facetime and create one of a kind collages right from her home. 


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