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Here are a few peeks into this past weekend.

Also remember that if you missed this min I am always available for regular sessions, (newborn, maternity, milestone birthday and/or family sessions) 

My next mini will be in Downtown Noblesville on June 24th Sign up here


A huge thank you to all the families that came out that day and I hope you enjoyed this shoot as much as I did!


_Bethany Tozer

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Newsletter February 2017 https://www.tinytoez.net/blog/2017/2/newsletter-february-2017

Hello, Friends!

DSC 8072

What's New

The 2016 photo contest is officially over and I will be the first to say it has been a learning experience. See the bottom of this newsletter to find out who won! 
I will be taking the next two months off to focus on a new website, where it will be more user friendly and it will make everything in one location. If you need smash cake or party photography I will be available. I really want to concentrate on the business end during the slow time of the year.

Spread the Word

Don't forget referrals save you money

When you refer someone and they book with me you will receive 25% off your next session or you can get 5 extra images from a previous session.

Tiny Toez Valentine s Thanks you Special

Winners of the 2016 photo contest!

This being my first contest ever, I have to say I learned a lot. It was very hard to narrow down the choices and once I did I learned it was even harder to spread the word. 
Everyone did a great job and thank you for sharing and voting. 
One main thing I did learn from this contest is next year I will only have 1 photo per family. I think the voting will go easier for you and myself. 
With that being said I have decided that only one prize per family. I feel that is fair for everyone.

DSC 5983

1st place winner is...

The Heitz Family!!!

They will receive: 
3 mounted on Bamboo print (in various sizes, up to 16×20, of image you pick from your session) 
5×5 album of all session images OR 5 additional digital images from your session 
$50 credit towards a 2017 session with Tiny Toez Photography 
Value of Prize: $ 290

DSC 6435

2nd Place winner is....

The Kumpf Family!!!

They will receive: 
2 mounted on Bamboo print (in various sizes, up to 11x14) 
3 additional digital images from your session 
$50 credit towards a 2017 session with Tiny Toez Photography 
Value of Prize: $ 200

DSC 2617

3rd place winner is...

The Meyer Family!!!

They will receive: 
1 mounted on Bamboo print (in various sizes, up to 10x8) 
2 additional digital images from your session 
$50 credit towards a 2017 session with Tiny Toez Photography


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Facetime?? https://www.tinytoez.net/blog/2017/2/facetime How can Facetime help your shoot



I was just making my niece's graduation invite and with my sister being in Cincinnati, it is hard to make sure everything she wants is done the way she wants. So I decided to facetime her. Wow this made moving and changing things so much easier. I just have the phone pointed at the screen and she edits away. I think this is something I will have to do more often with my clients that like collages and books. Did you know that I offer those? Well now you do. You can get any session turned into a high grade photo book or make collages that are framed or printed and delivered straight to your door. 


Ask me about the photo book, collage and using facetime to create a new piece of art for your house. 


This client now lives in Cleveland, Ohio so getting together after a shoot is impossible. So she will share her favorite folder with me and I will create collages for her. We will then set a time to facetime and create one of a kind collages right from her home. 

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What to wear Part 3 https://www.tinytoez.net/blog/2017/2/what-to-wear-part-3 What to wear- Part 3



5) Accessories

So we have gone over the location, your home decor and not to be matchy. What could be remaining?? Well, accessories of course! We don't always think about what else we can wear with the cute clothes we picked out. Shoes are a big thing even though you may not always see them. If you have on a nice pair of pants with an old pair of gym shoes it won't look as nice and put together as it could. Adding a scarf to an outfit could bring another color to your photo.You don't want to have too many accessories though. If you look at yourself and all you see is your head barley sticking out of a scarf, then maybe it isn't the right thing to add to your wardrobe. You want them to enhance not distract. Adding hats to little boys is the cutest thing (in my opinion) as well as adding chucnky necklaces for little girls. Coats are an accessory that is also over looked. If you are having winter shots done, you get cold. You should have a nice jacket/coat that isn't torn,dirty or too puffy for you. Adding gloves to a shot is also nice. In the summer having a headband with flowers or crystals can help make an image. One last note about the shoes, I know kids shoes can get expensive, but don't have them in thier play shoes that have holes, mud and whatever else happens to those shoes. Dirty shoes can really break an image.




6) Make-up

Also ladies we need to think about the make-up. You don't want to go the tanning salon for the first time or use a self tanner right before a shoot. I love to capture the REAL you, not a altered you that you can't recognize. Make-up needs to be a little more noticeable than your everyday look to show up on camera. Please don't put more on than you are comfortable though. If you never wear purple eye shadow and you think "why not wear it for this shoot", try it out for a few days before. Make sure the look is what you want. Take a selfie and see if you like what you see. Make-up should be an enhancement of you.


My main tip in finding what to wear for a shoot, be you, be comfortable and love your colors you are in. I have a Pinterest board that can also help you if you are color challenged. I hope this has helped and I can't wait to see what fabulous outfits you choose for your next photo shoot. 

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What to wear Part 2 https://www.tinytoez.net/blog/2017/2/what-to-wear-part-2 Part 2- "What to wear?"



As I mentioned in the Part 1 you need to think about where you are being photograped. If you are going to be a in green tree filled area, wearing greens isn't probably a good idea. Or if you are going to be around a lot of stone building, wearing nuetrals is a good idea. Think about the season as well. If it is fall think deep reds, oranges and greens. While spring is more light and airy so yellows, blues, purples, pinks.  




Even if you are taking photos for a certain time of year, you want to make sure these photos are something you will want up all year round. If you want santa hats, reindeer ears or halloween costumes make sure you take more without those things than with. Don't get me wrong those things can be very cute but I know I don't want to see Santa's hat in May. 


Speaking of hanging your photos for a long time, look around your house for help with what to wear. I know it sounds crazy but think about it. You will be hanging these photos in your home. If your home is decorated in warm colors and you get photographed in very cold colors it won't look as good as it could. So think about how you decorate when choosing what to wear.

Here is an example of a shot for Christmas. It has the pine trees and we are snuggled up but no hats or ears needed. Also this matches my house prefectly. My house is decorated in blues and cool colors. With the pinks that my daughter and I have on it compliments the colors in my house and doesn't make look out of place. A little bit of contrasting colors are good in a photograph. 

** All Photos are taken and owned by Tiny Toez Photography**

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What to wear Part 1 https://www.tinytoez.net/blog/2017/2/what-to-wear-part-1 "What do I wear for my Shoot?"


This is the most asked question I get when someone books a session. I will be posting in the next few days tips and tricks to look your best. I will be showing examples of good wardrobe and not so good wardrobe choices. So let's begin.




Back in the days of white shirts and blue jeans is gone. It was great back then, everyone did it but that time has past. Instead choose a color scheme- mix and match colors so everyone flows and coordinates. 


This is an example of what NOT to do. This also touches on background and thinking about wear you are being photographed. ( I will be touching on that in another post) 



When I am looking for a color to start with and I can't figure it out, I look for the one piece I know I want in my photos. A special dress, one of the kids shirts, something that I just love. I will then build from that. So if I pick a dress for my daughter I will than pull colors from it and create my color scheme from there. If it is a solid color I pick then I will look for other coordinating colors to put not eh rest of the family or even different shades of the same color. NEVER everyone in that color though. 

This is a good example of how to coordinate. Mom is wearing a bright color that is in the son's shirt and from there the daughter has a color from the sons shirt as well. Dad is a wearing a coordinating blue but not matching his daughter. 


So these are the first 2 suggestions I have for this post. Check back tomorrow for more tips. 

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