I am a stay at home mom of two amazing boys and a little princess, I know how hard it is sometimes to get your kids to sit still and have their photos taken. With Tiny Toez Photography I make sure we capture your child in their environment. Not a stuffy studio where they can’t run around, play with their toys and show who they really are.
Where is a person more at home than at home? Every shoot I do is a personalized, individual experience. If you have a special room in your home or a favorite park you take your children to, we can make sure we get the photos to help you remember these special times. I look at every photo shoot as if I am photographing my own child. I may have one idea when I start but as the shoot goes on, I have ten more ideas to work with. Photography isn’t concrete; it can change by the second. Sometimes while I’m shooting a subject, new ideas can appear with the turn of the head or the look in their eyes. Being a very family oriented person; I understand how important it is to capture the moments. From your child’s first week home to their high school graduation and everything in between, you will have create countless memories that you will want to capture.